Manhattan Dental Arts Team

Marc Liechtung D.M.D, Eric Novison D.M.D, Daniel Jacobs D.M.D and Bernadette Sawa D.M.D are the dedicated New York dentists who continuously look to provide the most advanced dental treatment available to their patients. Dental treatments are customized to ensure that the needs of each patient are met.

We believe in effective communication. By working with our patients to develop an understanding of desired results and dental needs, we are able to address our patients’ concerns efficiently and effectively. We use presentation aids such as educational videos, intraoral cameras, digital x-rays and study models to discuss multiple treatment options in order to help patients decide on the best treatment.

Dental Technology

At Manhattan Dental Arts, we believe in offering our patients the best dental technology available. Our dental technology ensures that our patients can feel more comfortable with procedures, can experience less downtime with recovery, and can smile without hesitation.

Our dental technology is varied, and is available to make your entire dental experience more enjoyable. Some of our dental technology includes:

  • a10Nitrous Oxide- nitrous oxide can make you rest more easily when you are at the dentist’s office. Nitrous oxide is a form of sedation dentistry that keeps our patients relaxed while undergoing different procedures, so no one has to fear coming to the dentist!
  • a8Before and After Digital Photography- this technology allows our Manhattan patients to see how their faces would look with procedures such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, before a procedure takes place. Patients can feel confident with the procedures that they are considering before they proceed.
  • a9Intraoral Cameras- these cameras give the Manhattan Dental Arts team a tour of your entire mouth. With this technology, we can see worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, cavities that are next to fillings, and plaque deposits. Our patients can even see the images for themselves!
  • a7Digital and Panoramic X-Rays- these x-rays give our Manhattan Dental Arts dentists a comprehensive image of you entire mouth. From this information, our dentists are able to share with you the state of your oral health, and evaluate which treatments might be best for your individual needs.
  • a6Ultrasonic Cavitron Machine- this machine is used to clean gross debris off of teeth. It can help you get a deeper cleaning so that your teeth can stay at their healthiest. Our Manhattan Dental Arts team wants your smile to look beautiful and remain healthy—with the Cavitron machine, we can help make that possible.
  • a5Laser Periodontal Gum Treatment- this technology allows for periodontal treatments to take place with lasers instead of periodontal surgery. The lasers can be used to clean in the deep pockets that can contain bacteria. The process is painless, easy to recover from, and delivers efficient results.
  • a4Electric High Speed Hand Pieces- our high speed hand pieces are designed with the patient’s comfort in mind, and work to keep your mouth healthy and clean.
  • a3Oral CDX (For oral Cancer Screenings)- this is a painless way for our Manhattan Dental Arts dentists to test oral spots that are subtle red or white in color. The lab results check that the abnormality is not cancerous or precancerous.
  • OSHA Compliant State of the Arts Sterilization Area- we want to keep our patients safe and healthy, so we follow safety regulations for sterilization to ensure that our systems are always effective.
  • Biomet 3i Implant System- this technology is comprised of biologically driven dental implants, to help deliver more success for patients needed implant dentistry.
  • Visible Curing Light- this aids in drying composite materials, temporary crowns, etc. It minimizes wait time with dental materials drying so that patients can leave the office more quickly, and with peace of mind.
  • Prescott’s Surgical Endodontic Microscope- new surgical operating microscopes allow for better magnification and lighting to provide superior endodontic treatments for our patients.

More Information about Our Dental Technology

If you are interested in learning more about our dental technology, then do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to help you understand what procedures could be right for you.

We offer our patients the resources to feel confident about their smiles, with as little recovery time as possible. To learn more about how Manhattan Dental Arts can help you to achieve your ideal smile, contact us today through phone or email!

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